Cutting a Christmas Treeeeee


The day after Thanksgiving, in true Griswold fashion, we headed into the mountains to find a Christmas tree. Remember last year was sort of a fiasco, so we planned a little better this year and stayed a little closer to home. No one got sick and no one even screamed in the car, so we were feeling pretty good. 🙂

We found a really big tree that didn’t look that big compared to all the REALLY BIG ones in the forest. haha Clearly we have perception issues. But Mark got it trimmed up real nice. And we’ve had several people comment on the “REALLY BIG tree” in our window. Everytime it comes up, Mark mutters under his breath, “really not that big..” ha!

We got it home and in the stand, yes it almost tipped over several times and we only wanted to swear a few times while stringing lights on it. 🙂 Nothing new here. It was all very worth it though, because I love how very cozy it makes our living room and how festive it looks from the street.  Giving us the Christmas feels over here.