Thanksgiving 2017

Ahhh! We had the BEST Thanksgiving this year. I mean, YES I SAY THAT EVERY YEAR, but whatever. Really, really good holiday. Had the most delicious dinner- fried turkey, (I DIED) ham, my Mom’s mashed potatoes, Dad’s gravy, and everyone else brought salads and veggies and stuffing and rolls and ALLLL the fixin’s.  It was just perfect, sitting around the big table with my family.  ❤️

We all gathered again a little later for pie, dips, a fun game, and a dance party on the deck. It honestly was such a great day.

Also should be mentioned I was in a serious food coma, but no one more than Mark, he had two large plates of food and the next day he said he was still a little full from Thanksgiving dinner. haha Thankful for him and his appetite and that he loves allll the food. 🙂 Also  thankful for my kids and that they cooperated and wore their matching buffalo plaid. It’s the small things. 🙂

Now here we are on the Monday after Thanksgiving, trying our best to get back into our routines and schedules. Having so many fun things coming up sure does help in that department.

This morning I got  my NSYNC Christmas playing and I’m putting the finishing touches on our decor. And only feeling a little bummed that everyone had to go to school and work today. That’ s okay, I’ll enjoy a quiet house while it lasts because it never lasts long around here. 🙂