Thanksgiving Part One

We are pretty dang lucky to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with two families. This year Mark’s parents opted for an early Thankgiving dinner because of scheduling conflicts. We were all okay with it because who doesn’t want Thanksgiving to be a little longer? With a little more turkey and pies? See what I mean, we were all a-okay with it. 🙂 We all got together on a Sunday afternoon and had a FEAST. It was so tasty and fun to be together and catch up.

Every year when we have Thanksgiving dinner at Tim and Anne’s, I like to take photos before out in front of the aspens in the yard. Well, this year I rounded my family up and took my camera out only to realize the SD card was still at home in the computer. UGH. YOU GUYS. I was so mad at myself. But thank goodness for phone cameras because at least I have them??? (wiping a tear!)

Other years here, here and here. Let’s just pretend this years photos are as pretty? OKAY??

Ah, this day really got me in the festive mood! I feel like it’s time to get my Christmas stuff out and heaven knows I gotta get going on my shopping! Don’t mind if it I do. 🙂