christmas 2018

ah christmas this year was wonderful. here are the highlights because it’s the 9th of january and we gotta get thing documented. 🙂

  • woke up at 8 (after staying up until 2 am. shaking my head)
  • headed downstairs to see what santa brought!
  • had our traditional sticky buns for breakfast
  • opened presents nice and slow
  • boston actually opened his presents for the first time!
  • had a perfect christmas mess the whole day
  • visit from granny and gramps
  • then grammy and savannah
  • kids played and played and played, so fun to watch
  • headed around the block for the annual jones christmas shindig
  • had a delicious dinner and exchanged gifts
  • headed home to our cozy house and tucked our kids into bed
  • sat by the warm fire mark had built and talked about how fun the day was

couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! everyone was healthy and happy and we had everything we needed and much more. really was a perfect christmas. ❤️


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