about me

Hello! Welcome to Made by Annika! I’m Annika. (obvi!) This is my little corner of the Internet where I share the things I love. And I love A LOT. 🙂 Here are some things you’ll be seeing here:

Photography- been taking photos like a mad man ever since I got my first dslr camera back in 2010. I’ve learned A LOT along the way, taught myself how to shoot exclusively in manual and have done family, seniors, and newborn shoots here and there. I take a lot of pictures of our everyday life because I’m a serial documenter and also because I think my kids are pretty cute. 🙂

Graphic Design- Around the time I got into photography, I bought Photoshop and Illustrator. (Because I was in college and decided to take advantage of the student discount because I’m cheap like that!) I didn’t know how to use it at all, but I’ve taken classes over the years and have taught myself a thing or two. Oh, and YouTube. YouTube is gooood. I like to make seasonal art to hang in my house, I’ve done a few wedding invitations and looooots and loooooosts of shower/party invitations. It’s a fun creative outlet for me.

Home Decor- Last year we bought our current home- a 1961 split entry, mid-century dream. I’ve always loved mid century modern style, so when we walked through this house, I was basically in love. We have a lot we want to do to it in the future, but right now I’m having fun decorating and doing little projects here and there. I’m trying to emulate a simple and clean style, but with plenty of warmth and coziness too.

Family- Like I said, SERIAL DOCUMENTER over here. I adore taking photos of our everyday life. On my other blog (which is now part of this site) I loved doing weekend and holiday recaps, posting about what our kids are up to, and motherhood in general. This year has been a big one for us, our three year old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in May. Writing about it has been essential.